Colour Magic

What we offer:

Dynamic Under Base: An under base, the foundation of all screen printing on colour garments, based on the colour dynamics of the original image allowing for smooth colour transitions and fades.

Three Black Options: Three levels of black giving users options with this critical element in colour reproduction. These black options are not taken from limited CMYK conversions (an antiquated method) but are built directly from the original RGB.

Top White: An over-print white, critical in creating secondary and tertiary colours.

Colour Merging: Colour merging option allowing to further reduce the already low number of channels.

NEW** Multi-Format Support: Open files (wide variety of popular formats) We work with JPEGs, TIFFs, EPS files, PSD files, RGB and CMYK files just to name a few.

NEW** Direct Selection For targeted colour adjustments to separated channels. This advanced feature delivers greater control and superior results.

NEW** Saturate and Desaturate Targeted and universal colour saturation control to darken or lighten existing channel data.

What is Colour Magic?

Colour Magic is the latest feature we offer in colour image separating, for use in screenprinting tonal images and for simulated process style colour.

Spot colour seperation vs CMYK

Spot colour seperation uses more colours thus the cost is more than a 4-colour process but the print result will be more vibrant than a 4-colour process.

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